I am considering incorporating my business but am unsure if it is the right decision. 

This is a common question, and the reason why I have a full-page article devoted to Incorporating your Real Estate Business. Contact now for a free consultation!

What is the best way to manage the accounting and tax requirements of my business?

Separate your business and personal transactions with a business bank account and credit card. From there I can onboard your business accounting to QuickBooks Online and efficiently help your business keep track of expenses, vehicle mileage, and receipts.

How can I ensure that my tax expense will be kept to a minimum each year? 

As part of the year-end tax filing process, I will send you a thorough year-end planning checklist to make sure that any expense available for deduction has been acknowledged and assessed. 

Additional Services

  • Incorporation Consultations
  • Rental properties
  • Audit support


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