Does my business need a chartered professional accountant (CPA)?

Canada’s increasingly complex tax legislation can place a burden on small-medium sized businesses trying to minimize their annual tax expense and remain tax-compliant. With the services of a CPA, you can rely on a trusted advisor to help you navigate through tax season, foresee potential taxation issues, and keep your annual tax expense at a minimum.

What is the difference between an accountant and a CPA?

Know the difference and protect yourself and your business. Anyone can call themselves an “accountant”, but not anyone can call themselves a CPA. This is because CPA’s:

  • Belong to a self-regulated body which has the mandate to protect the public interest
  • Are required to meet and maintain standards of qualification, practice, and
    professional ethics, as well as standards of knowledge, skill, and proficiency.

TR Tax and Accounting is a registered Chartered Professional Accounting firm required to comply with the regulatory and ethical requirements of CPA Ontario.

What if I have questions throughout the year?

Year-round support is always available. It is my goal to ensure your business feels supported every step of the way. Common mid-year conversations include topics like:

  • Tax implications of the sale of assets
  • Clarification of letters or notices issued by CRA
  • Shareholder/manager compensation
  • Tax planning strategies

Can I outsource all of my accounting & tax tasks so I can focus on my business?

Absolutely! With the Year-Round Support plan, you can outsource all day-to-day bookkeeping activities & tax compliance requirements and have an authorized representative deal with CRA on your behalf.


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