What is an outsourced CFO?

A qualified advisor that can help your business answer the below 3 questions:
  • What long-term investments should your business be investing in?
  • Where and how will you get the long-term financing to pay for your investments?
  • How should everyday financial activities, like paying suppliers and collecting from customers, be managed?

Does my business need an outsourced CFO?

If any of the below indicators apply to you and your business, there is a high likelihood that it’s time for an outsourced CFO:
  • Business revenue is growing, but profitability is lagging behind
  • There are no growth targets or financial forecasts available to guide decisions on long-term investments
  • Internal processes for managing inventory, paying suppliers, and collecting from purchasers do not exist
  • Interest expense on short-term debt is significant in your business
  • You need help determining which projects will generate the most value for your business

How does this service work? 

It all starts with assessing the 3-5 year growth plan and strategic outlook of your business. As part of a free consultation, I will assess your financial goals, constraints, and investment alternatives and provide you with a recommended service package from the below options. 


Short-Term Financial Planning

  • Cash & Liquidity Management
  • Credit & Inventory
  • Budgeting & Variance Analysis

Long-Term Financial Planning

  • Pro-Forma Financial Statement Projections
  • Capital Investment Decisions
  • Capital Structure (Debt vs. Equity)

Capital Budgeting

  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Project Evaluation (NPV, IRR, Payback Period Analysis)
  • Project Post-Implementation Reviews

Bank Financing

  • Lease vs. Purchase
  • Business Case Proposals


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